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Wack Clubbers focus on one thing: shipping.

After building a project, like an app or website, “shipping” is publishing & sharing it online.

Your first ship your first day.

Students in many traditional computer science classes are lucky to make a single project. At Wack Clubs, every member makes & ships their first website their very first meeting.

Keeping your eyes on the prize.

Instead of learning programming concepts in isolation, learning by shipping means you focus on what you need to build real projects. It’s more fun & leads to better learning.

Recently shipped…


Leland Hacks⚡ ship coming soon™️?


🚢 WaiverKit: A tool for attendees to sign the Event Liability Release from :bank-wackclub-party-dark: 🚢 I revived PactMaker by Postmark (old libs and stuff) and replaced the default agreement with the one from Bank to create WaiverKit! WaiverKit allows attendees to fill out a regular form and by the end have a filled PDF with the waiver; no more hunting for the signature field. You can try the only instance, the :hackaustin-green-icon: Waiver Portal, at You can deploy your own at Happy Legaling! :dino-drake-nah: DocuSign :dino-drake-yea: WaiverKit


Not to take away from the legendary Vermont Vibes, I rebuilt my personal site (same layout & stuff) using Astro + Svelte + MDX instead of my old SvelteKit + mdsvex setup. I have to say I like astro and how it works - very easy. I also blatantly stole a toast from wack club to advertise hack austin. All in all, I'm glad I did it because it gave me familiarity with astro - like I think I could be just as quick as SK considering SK's routing got a lot worse recently. (here's an image to please scrappy)


🚢 bankcURL - a small cURL-able website for Wack Club Bank! 🚢 Helloo! I made a little thing for Bank - a website designed to be cURLed that shows the latest transaction data for any Bank org with transparency mode enabled. It falls right alongside and ! It works like this: curl <${org}> Happy cURLing! Screenshot:


I made a Scriptable widget that lets you keep track of transactions + the total balance of any :bank-wackclub: wack club bank organization that has transparency mode enabled! code and instructions for installation are at


*What's Henry™ Been Up to After Assemble?*™ --------------------------------------------------- The question on all of your minds: What's Henry™ Doing With His Time After Assemble™? Ever since the groundbreaking release of his team's Assemble™ project, the world has awaited his next ship™. When asked about this, he will say: "_I'm working on a few different projects_" What he means to say is that he currently has 12 windows open, 5 of them Firefox™ instances, each with more tabs then can fit on the navigation bar. One of those browser windows is entirely devoted to Wikipedia™ pages that he opens, and then refuses to close until he fully reads, despite the fact that he has no interest in doing so. In another window, he has everything from Ben Eater 8-bit breadboard CPU schematics, to Rust™ documentation, to TensorFlow™ docs and a partially written auto-encoder. He also has 3 Sprig ™windows, and article on how BitTorrent™ works, and a random CVE™. There is also an article on TradeMark™ Law, that he has clearly not read. There is even the skeleton of a 6502™ Emulator™ that he may or may not finish. There's a few 3Blue™1Brown™ videos that he's stuck trying to follow. There is an article on how memory works that he does not remember if he has read. In another window, we have 1 Gig of raw Wikipedia™ data, and a Visual™ Studio™ Code™ window with code for an GO™ algorithm he is trying to use to compress said 1 Gig of Wikipedia™ data. Beyond that he has a Logisim™ window, with a partially designed ALU™ that he is trying to work on. Each time he makes progress on one project, he gets interested in something else and opens 100 tabs for that. He is secretly hoping for his computer to crash and wipe his computer he can reorganize. He is spending large amounts of time studying useless aspects of computer science™, and math™. It has been like this since Assemble™ ended, and will continue indefinitely. This has been What's Henry™ Been Up to After Assemble?™. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for skimming over: _What's Henry™ Been Up to After Assemble?_™


:assemble: ASSEMBLE SHIP :shipitparrot: The internet is a scary place — why don’t we keep it that way? Blind Spot (BS) is a model that ONLY allows you to view fake news on the internet. On a google search, it removes all reliable sources and only shows the most extreme results. On a page itself, it is glorified & prioritized if it is fake news, and if it’s a real source, it all becomes ZACHARY LATTA THE FOURTH OUR SAVIOR :zrl: In the video, you’ll see a bunch of searches just disappear, leaving only fake news 🪄 It was super fun to push my limits with a timed 90 minute hack, and where I had my first interaction with Docker and GPT2. So happy to meet all of you, had an amazing time 💖 Huge shoutout to the entire Assemble team :blob_comfy: As always, open sourced at


I'm making a thing (hopefully a ship in a few days!)


Yesterday, I ran my very first IRL wack night at our house in SF! We had a couple dozen people drop by throughout the evening and make everything from ai research to a perfect word generator w/ gpt-3 (and people were coming until about 2 in the morning! new first for me in hackathon organizing) We started off at the house, then went over to Noisebridge (a ridiculously cool anarchist hackerspace about 2 blocks away from us) and made some music and synth visualizers :) all of us ended up coding until the wee hours in the morning, and we had some pretty sweet people show up—Jacky, Pranav, Ben and the cofounders of DeepAI! still trying to get over my sleep deprivation but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out &lt;3


I have almost returned! (As of writing this I'm in the back seat of someone else's car driving to the airport in Florida) My parents got bored of me, so they shipped me off to a 7 day scuba diving trip in the Florida keys with everyone's favorite (all American 🇺🇸) child molesting organization! Accidentally touched grass, got vomited on a second time on a boat, discovered how much you can price gouge popcorn if you don't let consumers escape the camp (10 fucking dollars for a bag of popcorn), and managed to do 11 dives in the week (I never want to see water again) I'll be back in Vermont in about 7 hours where I can return to the usual schedule of hiding in my room on my computer avoiding social responsibility Since I was tragically not eaten by a shark, it seems like I'll be back to making stuff here. I'll try to get a small ship out soon


:lefthand: New Ship Time :righthand: Our world is full of nasty things. Obviously, I’m talking about Keyloggers. From stealing your special numbers and oh so special search terms to making popping and mooing sounds while you type, the world is a very scary place :eye_real:. Worry no more! With Axe you can cut down those keylog(gers)! Just 1 simple click and your oh so precious search terms will be protection ~with the low price of $5 a week.~ (👉Remember: always use protection!👈). Turn on Secure Input and Turn off Secure input with a single click: too easy! You can even right click and set some amazing preferences, for ultimate security™. And, if you every get stuck, an embedded apple help book and my world class tech support is here to help: (It’s also sandboxed, notarized, code signed, sparkle signature signed, resourceless, hardened runtimed, and updatabled for maximum security) SO: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Download now (and give me fake internet points ⭐️):


Have you ever sat and thought, "Hmm, I wonder how cold and depressing it is in Seattle right now? How much better off am I?" Introducing... Seattle-ometer! Now, you can compare yourself to Seatteites to your heart's content! Just type in a valid US ZIP code and press submit. Brought to you by a rainy day in Seattle with nothing better to do :)


Ever wanted to add easter eggs to your GitHub profile, or leave a fancy message for anyone inspecting your contribution graph? You can now with GitWrite! Over the past few days I wrote GitWrite with inspiration from @aiden.bai05’s GitHub profile and how he spoofed dates for commits. It’s pretty easy to use, you just have to make sure you do it in the right repository, otherwise it’ll be a lot more git commands to undo :eggsdee:. Try it out! :github: :npm:


🚢 Last week, my Wack Club ran ⚡Maker Week. Which put simply was Wack Club for an entire week! We had a Discovery Zone on Monday morning (a series of generative art / visual displays), then every lunchtime we ran a workshop (such as the Kahoot & Kaboom workshops as well as a special science workshop) and to wrap it all up we had an evening hackathon called Maker Night. It was a ton of fun and hopefully we attracted some awesome new Wack Club members!


just shipped rrpm in #ship feeling good. here is a random code snippet form the codebase


Today was a good day! Well, it was alright to be frank. I got lots to share, so let's begin! I had some school stuff, which went decent. 1 test that I think I did good on, and somethign I don't think i ddi that well on. I got good progress on an assignment for another class to, so that's :yay: I took a new book out from the libary: Children of Blood and Bones. Couple pages in, my thoughts? 📖 It is a beatifually written book, and I cannot wait to read it more. Reviews are also good! I did some programming today 🧑‍💻 after a while (kind-of) I found this tutorital on for loops and data for :python: Python. I did most of it, and it's actually really intresting. I lik what you can do with for loops, I plan on finiishing this later this week. I'll ship it here, with my own data and ideas ( i got a few after I look another article on what I can do with this) You can check it out here;


Hey folks! There’s a new member of the Portland family — Portland Text! It’s designed to be more legible than the display variant, which has been renamed to Portland Display. We hope you like it, and you can go get the updated Portland at now!


ok I managed to get back on my PC, Studying the remark right now, so I can make my own Markdown Parser, I’ll post updates on how its going here and #ship it once its done!


RailsConf ship! 🛤️ @garytou2 & I built a Node.js app ~(should have built this in Rails)~ last night to scrape the RailsConf schedule and create an .ics (iCalendar) file so we could easily add all the events to a Calendar. The source is at and you can add it to your own calendar with if it would be of any use or interest to you.


Today I have a stupid ship. Voilá FizzBuzz, my favorite problem, in gForth! Forth is one of my favorite languages, as it’s stack based and I love stacks. I also am shipping a terrible python implementation of Forth! It doesnt support much, but if you make something cool message me! FizzBuzz: My Forth:


FIRST SHIP EVER!!! 🚢 :quad_parrot: 🎉 Hello everyone, today I can finally and very happily say that I have made my first ship! And not just one, but 2 in 1! 🥇 So let's get started! :parrotdad: The first thing I'm shipping right now is my Splatter Paint 🎨 project made with Paper.js :javascript: This is a HTML Canvas which lets the user draw circles with different sizes and colors and a linear path 🖊️ as well. My code is hosted on my GitHub Account :github: and it's deployed using Vercel! :vercel: This is as well the first project on which I use it, and I must say it's very cool to use! Thanks to all of this, I can say that this project helped me to understand better how JavaScript works, how to write awesome :cooll-dino: READMEs and how to deploy with Vercel. 🗃️ So the second thing I did is a great CSS :css: Customization to my #scrapbook :hack-club: profile! (This is also the first time I'm posting to it outside of the channel itself). I did it a few days ago as you can see it on my Scrapbook posts, but I was told to ship this as well! This features a custom background with a texture, gradients, the application of elements like :before and :after , some cool borders and a great animation! From this I learned how to get better at design and with CSS. To all of this I'm attaching some pictures 📸 of the projects and the links! 🔗 🌐 :github: 🔗 :github: That's all for today, feel free to ⭐ any of the projects or follow me if you like and see y'all later with the next Ship!! Wahoo!


Today I added more scenes to my Sci-Fi 🛸 👽 comic at school! I also worked on features for some coding projects! 💻 :quad_parrot: Sadly :sadge: today I couldn't went to the cinema 🍿 to watch Dr. Strange :drstrange: , so I'll have to make my best to finish early all the work 📜 🖊️ 📖 I have to do tomorrow so I can have time to watch the movie! Also I'm almost ready to make my first ship ever!!! 🚢 :parrotdad:


Slack Bot Ship 🚢 @CodeBot-U03D7LR2607 runs code from over 200 languages using Piston right from Slack. To run code, make a code snippet, or send a message with the language you want to use, followed by a codeblock to run. Try it out in #run-code! Instructions are pinned :tw_pushpin:. View it on GitHub:


Hai! I am here to ship the notification system of the future! Is a project I have been creating to make use of my old kindle. It is a “notification aggregator” of sorts, it pulls from my mac and my mastodon and uses a custom deduplication database middleware!

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