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Wack Clubbers focus on one thing: shipping.

After building a project, like an app or website, “shipping” is publishing & sharing it online.

Your first ship your first day.

Students in many traditional computer science classes are lucky to make a single project. At Wack Clubs, every member makes & ships their first website their very first meeting.

Keeping your eyes on the prize.

Instead of learning programming concepts in isolation, learning by shipping means you focus on what you need to build real projects. It’s more fun & leads to better learning.

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Just shipped my new personal website out in the wild! This is like my 3rd design and I'm really happy with how this turned out and yes, it is written in svelte after switching from solid-start to nextjs and now finally on sveltekit. safe to say, I really enjoy svelte. I think my design skills are improving slowly. Please let me know if there's any improvements I can make on the design aspect. Full ugly source code:


#w-of-the-day day 6 its coming together, not long now really thought i could ship my #hardware-party site today but debugging took wayy longer than expected (still couldn't figure out the solution lol) btw i don't plan on using phantom sans and will switch the font for production


OMG IT'S LIVE! VSLACKSTATUS IS LIVE! im gonna do a formal ship later today so stay tuned i guess?


I have less than 1 day to complete this hackathon and ship this, wish me luck :peposalute: (P.S. I should launch it soon for y'all to test :thonk:)


Phew! I almost missed today because I slept for like 6 straight hours but then I got up to finish an assignment. Day 5/10 for #10-days-in-public. I didn't do much today because I was super tired, but I watched the epic airport codes video from cgp grey, and my 🚢 from a couple weeks ago worked in practice! (my ship was the rating system for the players at foosball club) you can view the current power rankings generated by the system at, and the full system at !


I updated my ship from yesterday, a tool for rating players with observable to support n v n teams instead of just 2v2 as well as properly saving changes with a data.json file! I also implemented it as the official ratings/rankings for the LASA Foosball Club at


I just finished my TrueSkill-based 2v2 game rating system! It allows you to take any 2v2 game - and create a ranking system for it, like power rankings! It even makes predictions! I'm planning to use this for the LASA foosball club, but I have to add 1v1 support first.


The first workshop I translated is now live! thanks @adrianoapj from Wack Club Brazil :wackclub-brasil: 🇧🇷 💖


Workshop Ship! :sprig-dino:I present my very first workshop. It's now live on! You should try it out and let me know how it goes. 👀 Sprig is so awesome, and I'm so happy that I can contribute. It refreshed so many JS concepts that I have forgotten. The games on the gallery are so much fun! :D Happy hacking!


Just finished an art drop of some art that I haven’t had the time to post online for a while! I’m going through the Inktober 2022 challenge, so I created Day 4 Scallop, Day 5 Flame, and Day 6 Bouquet! I also finished a collage project recently of an ouroboros 😄


Just finished schedule at 2:30am!


Day 10 of #10-days-in-public For #10-days-in-public, I'm rebuilding my study group website. This post is more to say that my study group website is practically ready! Coming soon ship .Thanks @zrl for the event!


For Latine Legacy Month and as part of my school’s newspaper, I made a website interviewing various people on campus and asking them about their concepts about the month, their identity, and anything they wanted to share! You can find it at


day 8 of #10-days-in-public: today i made lots of progress on a blog for purdue hackers. the front page is not done yet—gonna get something up there and then go to bed. there's still more work to be done here but i'm happy with where it's at! unfortunately i don't think it's very likely that i'll ship lightning time by the end of #10-days-in-public, as i initially hoped. i have a paper due friday that i haven't started yet, and i think the lightning time blog post will require multiple iterations, and i don't think i have time for all of that. i'll do my best but i want to make sure it's good when i ship it. i'll share in here when i do ship it though :D


day 7 of #10-days-in-public: today was a travel day so i didn't get a lot done, but i set up a basic working example of mdx + contentlayer. contentlayer is super cool!!!! this is for an upcoming blog for purdue hackers that i will use to ship lightning time ⚡ tomorrow i will bring this from example sort-of-working thing to real blog!!!!


day 3 of #10-days-in-public: today is a travel day so i didn't get a lot done, but i've been making the raycast extension for lightning time that i made a couple days ago better. today i fiddled with regex to make the validation for commands that require you to input a string better. yesterday i added the hex codes for each color when rendering a lightning time string, which i like a lot because it's actually such a cool way to visualize how the colors are generated. (can you see it?) this weekend, i want to finalize the api structure for my npm package, set up a blog for purdue hackers, and start writing the explainer blog post. i would like to ship lightning time before the end of #10-days-in-public :D


My first ever :bank-wackclub-party-dark: Bank ship: Detailed Org List! The detailed org list is a set of a few modifications on the Bank homepage. Right now it just shows a few stats, but I’m considering adding more soon. Check out the newest feature preview if you’d like to try it out. This is still experimental, so be warned!


Hehe this might seem super quick but I posted my Inktober #1 a day late, so with this I’m caught up :yay:. Day 2/32's theme is scurry so I did a scurrying skunk!


I created my first drawing for day 1/31 of the Inktober 2022 drawing challenge! Today’s theme was “Gargoyle”.


:hackaustin-green-icon: Ship! After like two+ weeks, I finally finished the new registration form!! It's pretty simple but it actually uses a real DB and not Airtable, as well as sends confirmation emails. I'll be implementing a sendy webhook soon & tie in ticketing, prompter, and ships. You can try it out today at or view the code at ! This took way longer than it should've...


Huge thanks to @sampoder for implementing my design to create "Version 2" of the :hackaustin-green-icon: Hack Austin website!


Leland Hacks⚡ ship coming soon™️?


🚢 WaiverKit: A tool for attendees to sign the Event Liability Release from :bank-wackclub-party-dark: 🚢 I revived PactMaker by Postmark (old libs and stuff) and replaced the default agreement with the one from Bank to create WaiverKit! WaiverKit allows attendees to fill out a regular form and by the end have a filled PDF with the waiver; no more hunting for the signature field. You can try the only instance, the :hackaustin-green-icon: Waiver Portal, at You can deploy your own at Happy Legaling! :dino-drake-nah: DocuSign :dino-drake-yea: WaiverKit


Not to take away from the legendary Vermont Vibes, I rebuilt my personal site (same layout & stuff) using Astro + Svelte + MDX instead of my old SvelteKit + mdsvex setup. I have to say I like astro and how it works - very easy. I also blatantly stole a toast from wack club to advertise hack austin. All in all, I'm glad I did it because it gave me familiarity with astro - like I think I could be just as quick as SK considering SK's routing got a lot worse recently. (here's an image to please scrappy)

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