By the students,
for the students.
We believe in a world where every young person is empowered to be the change they want to see around them. At Wack Club, we’re working hard to make it reality.
Zach Latta
Zach dropped out of high school after his freshman year to work in the technology industry and had over 5 million people using his software by the time he turned 17. He founded Wack Club to build the program he wish he had in high school and has been awarded the Thiel Fellowship and Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work.
Christina Asquith
Co-founder and COO(she/her)
With more than a decade of experience in nonprofit management, Christina has built global teams and raised millions of dollars. Before joining Wack Club, she founded & served as editor-in-chief of Fuller Project, an award-winning journalism nonprofit, which had the TIME Magazine cover story in 2019. She has 20 years experience as a journalist, including reporting for The New York Times from Iraq. She has an MA in education, and taught as a public school teacher in 2000, which inspired her book “The Emergency Teacher.”
Max Wofford
Tech & Creative Lead(he/him)
After teaching himself to code in junior year of high school, Max joined a group of nomadic hackers in Costa Rica to experience coding in a real-world setting. He has been with Wack Club since day one and is now working full-time in Vermont to grow the movement.
Kara Massie
Clubs & Community Production Lead(she/her)
Before joining Wack Club, Kara was a lead producer at Activision, shipping Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Bungie's Destiny 2 expansions. She’s deeply committed to inclusivity in gaming and tech spaces, and is beyond thrilled to be part of an org with kindness at its core. She has lived in 3 countries and names her pets after vegetables.
Leo McElroy
Clubs Lead(he/him)
Leo builds digital systems, physical tools, and communities to help people express themselves and pursue their curiosity. He's created tools for democratizing personal automation (including programming languages for designing stuff), travelled the world visiting makerspaces on a Watson Fellowship, and created and ran a few makerspaces himself.
Holly Delisle
Club Operations Lead(she/her)
Holly comes to Wack Club with 10 years of operations management in the banking industry, bringing people together and simplifying processes. She's lived in Maine and Vermont in intervals all her life and loves the outdoors in every season. Now, Holly meets and works with amazing, inspiring technical teenagers every day from around the world. She's got two sons, two dogs and two cats, the latter of which are all named after characters in some of her favorite books.
Clubs Engineer
Always driven by curiosity for how things work, Kognise fell in love with Wack Club in 2019 after joining a Wack Night call and discovering like-minded individuals. They spend their time programming, making music, and studying for their private pilot license; at Wack Club, they spend their time working on whatever fantastic project is happening in the present moment.
Caleb Denio
Bank Engineer(he/him)
Caleb is a New Hampshire-born coder with a passion for music and homemade food. He enjoys building wacky, creative projects, configuring linters, and hanging out in the Wack Club community. At Wack Club Bank, he writes code that makes money go 'cha-ching!'
Ella Xu
Bank Engineer(she/her)
Ella joined the Wack Club community after learning about Wack Club Bank from a project running on Bank. Since then, she has contributed to Bank itself in addition to other Wack Club open source projects on GitHub.
Melanie Smith
Bank Operations Lead(she/her)
Melanie grew up in northern New England where she obtained a degree in Marine Biology. She then spent several years running a pet store with 20+ employees and recently decided to change career paths. This led her to Wack Club where she is excited about helping students pursue their dreams.
Liv Cook
Bank Operations(she/her)
Liv recently graduated from the University of Vermont, where she studied health policy and gained experience as a writing fellow and business assistant. Originally from New York City, she is always eager to be one in a fast-paced community of diverse thinking and grand ideas. Supporting projects and makers with incredible goals is her favorite part about being at Wack Club.
Belle See
Engineer for Comms(she/her)
Belle enjoys building for her community, whether that be through developing websites or planning programs and events. She is excited to make Wack Club a better place for students around the world and looks forward to learning from the team at Wack Club!
Bence Beres
Bence is responsible for keeping accurate financial books for HQ and every org on Wack Club Bank (40,000+ transactions in the last year!).

Student Team
Gary Tou
Bank Engineering(he/him)
Gary is a software engineer from Seattle and loves photography! After using Wack Club Bank to launch a nonprofit organization, Gary joined Wack Club to make the product that enabled him to do great things even greater for others.
Kunal Botla
Bank Operations(he/him)
Kunal loves to make for making! He started Project Boom to help provide computers, helps build and run Wack Club Bank, and is organizing MAHacks for a post-pandemic world. He takes photos to tell stories of an ever-changing world.
Arianna Martinelli
Bank Operations(she/her)
Arianna is a Wack Clubber from Kentucky excited about how technology and humans can work together to solve problems. She joined Wack Club in 2020 to start a club at her all-girls high school and to learn from a community of fellow coders, and she joined Wack Club Bank in 2021 to fiscally sponsor her non-profit Tandem. She loves swimming, trees, videography, film photography, reading Joan Didion, Formula 1, making memes, and crafting cards with puns.
Deven Jadhav
Bank Operations (APAC)(he/him)
Deven is a Wack Clubber from India who enjoys building meaningful things at the intersections of art and technology. He also loves music and plays the guitar & drums! Along with this, he also likes talking to strangers over the internet and having interesting & deep conversations. He is also a sucker for nature photography and enjoys hikes and treks into the wild!
Sam Poder
Engineering & Operations(he/him)
Originally from Australia, Sam's family moved to Singapore when he was young. He now runs a Wack Club at his school in Singapore. Sam has worked on all sorts of Wack Club projects, focusing on web development and logistics. Outside of Wack Club, Sam enjoys traveling with his family and participating in academic competitions with his friends.
Hugo Hu
Mail Coordinator & Engineering(he/him)
Hugo manages Wack Club’s mail. His responsibilities include designing magical mail experiences, negotiating with carriers, and writing mail-related software. He's also involved in many of Wack Club's special projects, such as Sprig & Assemble. Hugo also enjoys designing hardware, competing in math competitions, and admiring corgis.
Abby Fischler
Technical Intern to COO(she/her)
Abby is a high school junior from Los Angeles that loves technology! Since joining the Wack Club community in May 2020, she’s enjoyed learning with friends in the Slack and on board the Hacker Zephyr. She joined Wack Club to support Christina’s work in encouraging more girls to get involved. Abby has hosted events for the community and loves sharing her coding journey on the #ship channel.
Claire Wang
Community Team(she/her)
Claire works on the Community Team and was a previous summer intern. She hopes to make the community both more welcoming and more technical, as well as inspire beginners to love STEM and making. She first joined Wack Club in 8th grade because of an online competition, and has been running a Wack Club ever since then. In addition to CS, she loves neuroscience, sci-fi, debate, and creating Spotify playlists.
Rishi Kothari
Community Team(he/him)
Rishi is a high school senior that's super interested in open-source development, startups, React, and everything in between! He is primarily a JS/TS dev, but has worked with Rust 🔥, C++ 💖, Haskell ⚡️, and Swift 🏎 in the past. He is the president of TFSS' Wack Club and a workshop coordinator at TurnerHacks, among other things.

Part Time
Chris Walker
Hacker Resources(he/him)
Chris started programming games in middle school, a hobby that developed into a deep passion for educational software. In 2013 he accepted a Thiel Fellowship and moved to San Francisco, where he watched Wack Club grow from an early stage. He worked on Wack Club’s learning resources & clubs program for two years.
Woody Keppel
Club Alchemist(he/him)
Woody is a film actor, musician, comedian, band leader, event producer, and convener of fun. He founded Vermont’s Festival of Fools, The Feast of Fools, The Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival, and the artist retreat & concert venue known as Mt. Foolery. For Woody, “putting on events has always been one of my great pleasures. I’ve also had the privilege of sharing my time with the elderly as well as mentoring middle & high schools students in Vermont. Being part of the Wack Club community has opened my eyes & heart to so much that is possible. It’s a great adventure we’re all on, and we’re here to light the way for each other. Shine on!”

Cedric Hutchings
Clubs Constructionist(he/him)
Already more at home on the internet than anywhere in meat space, you can imagine a young Ced's horror when his parents moved him into a holler so deep in the Appalachian Mountains that his beloved internet was only accessible through sluggish satellite. Stubbornly refusing to be separated from his online games, he threw together his own for his brothers, a captive audience. At Wack Club, Ced made materials that shared his enthusiasm for making fun somethings from nothing but technology.
Athul Blesson
APAC Director(he/him)
Athul started dozens of the largest Wack Clubs in India. After graduating from high school, he joined Wack Club as the Regional Manager of the Asia-Pacific & Africa team where he actively managed hundreds of clubs. Then, as the APAC Director, Athul lead the APAC HQ team dedicated to supporting all of the clubs in the APAC region.
Harsh Bajpai
Clubs Lead(he/him)
Harsh is a vegetarian musician who enjoys traveling around India. As the APAC Clubs Lead, Harsh welcomed new clubs to the community and built amazing tools for them. When he is not reading ancient mythology, he is programming with purpose and passion.
Annlee Fores
As the COO of Wack Club APAC, Annlee oversaw operations and handled event organisation & logistics at Wack Club APAC. When not busy juggling different tasks he takes up, he enjoys tinkering & building fun projects.
Anna Grace Benny
Clubs Lead(she/her)
Anna is a visual communication graduate and a social media enthusiast. She loves films and everything related. Managing and meeting new Wack Clubbers as the APAC Clubs Lead, she helped with onboarding new clubs and managed the APAC social media pages.
Ishan Goel
2022 Summer Communications Intern(he/him)
Ishan was a summer intern from Seattle! During the summer of 2022, he worked on shipping projects with partners to get the word out about Wack Club, and bring more people into the community.
Jessica Card
Education Engineer(she/her)
Jessica is a self taught programmer originally from Alaska. She worked for over a decade as a software engineer at startups like GitHub and Bugsnag in San Francisco. She then left the web development world to learn how to make video games. At Wack Club, Jessica brought her creative energy to an array of projects! Most notably, when she learnt Assembly along with Wack Clubbers to produce Some Assembly Required.
Zach Fogg
Community Game Designer(he/him)
At college, Zach Fogg started Bitcamp, one of the largest & longest-running annual college hackathons. He then went on to work as a software engineer in SF and mentor many more student hackathons. Zach joined the team at HQ in early 2021, he went on to bring his energy to the community and hack on countless creative projects (such as the Zephyrnet, which he then maintained as it traveled across the US).
Matthew Stanciu
After leading a successful Wack Club in West Lafayette, Indiana, & organizing multiple hackathons with Wack Club Bank, Matthew joined the team to lead the clubs program. He wrote curriculum, helped mentor club leaders around the world, & in spring 2020 drove across the U.S. to visit clubs.
Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan joined as a club leader from State College, PA to make 3 years later, as Head of Storytelling, they work on Wack Club’s website, design, frontend, open source, & communications. They’re currently on COVID leave from NYU ’23, majoring in Interactive Media Arts.
Scott Motte
Wack Club Bank(he/him)
After teaching himself to code in college, Scott went on to lead an exciting software life with multiple startups. Now a father, he joined Wack Club to help build the program he wants available to his children—when they reach high school age.
Tina Soriano
Philippine bred and settled with family in the U.S., Tina shifted her career from marketing and film production to teaching kids in the Clark County School District. At Wack Club, she helped thousands of high school students hack their way to a fabulous future.
Dina Elhanan
2020 Summer Intern(she/her)
Dina started a club in Canada in 2018. Since then she’s run a local hackathon, organized club events & trips, and spoke at Wack Club’s Flagship 2019 Summit. After graduating high school, Dina joined HQ as a ✨Vibes Influencer✨ summer intern. She now studies Electrical Engineering at McMaster University, class of 2024.
Theo Bleier
Special Projects(he/him)
Theo, a high schooler, joined the Wack Club community in Summer 2018 after reading about Bank online. Since then, he’s run multiple events on Bank & worked on coding it. In 2020, Theo worked on AMAs & distributing laptop grants to students.
Mingjie Jiang
Mingjie started working with Wack Club in July 2017, while leading his club in Rockville, Maryland, working on community engagement & public identity. He’s also run Hack Chicago, CodeDay, and countless other hackathons to spread his passion for technology.
Linus Lee
Wack Club Bank(he/him)
Linus spends most of his free time working on side projects ranging from an audio travel diary to creative coding tools to his own programming language. He brought his experience in product & community from Cal Hacks & Dorm Room Fund to grow Wack Club Bank.
Fernanda Lozano
Fernanda is a student of computational neuroscience, entrepreneur, & organizer of events like the Entrepreneurial Learning Academy for students in Mexico. In summer 2019, she helped organize the Flagship Summit in San Francisco.
Michael Destefanis
Wack Club Bank(he/him)
After graduating high school, Michael moved to California where he began working with Wack Club. He handled the day-to-day operations of Wack Club Bank from its start starting to its first million dollars in transactions.
Amogh Chaubey
Community + Events(he/him)
Amogh is all about having fun. Whether it’s running an art showcase on the Slack or massive Kahoots at hackathons, he loves to run awesome events. Amogh joined HQ to run spectacular community events, to make Wack Club the best place to be a teenager on the internet, and as Wack Club’s second best rapper.